Friday, October 30, 2009

Camp is coming up!

check this blog out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Greetings from the Land of the Turtles!!!!

hi all, how have u been? i am missing all of u in KL badly... and KL....

i have started classes for two weeks edi. so glad to see ppl so excited for LOUD! im still geting updates. hehe.... stalks around

please keep up the good work. im sure if all of u pray and work hard, it will bear fruit! do not let small reasons stop u from inviting your friends. no such thing as my umbrella broke, or the sun is too yellow etc reasons. remember to pray and invite ur frens ya!

i would love to come down and join u all... but my classes is on sunday instead of fridays. n 26th is the day of my presentation! but i am still keepin u all in prayer and hope that LOUD 2009 will be an even greater success!

to thse who got NS, do not despair... i know it might seem boring and daunting at first. and i cant say i understand how u feel, since i din get it. BUT it is where God has chosen u to be.... maybe all three of u get the same camp leh... then u can wok together and bring more people to know Him. think about the rewards. isn't that exciting???

to CHS... " commit to the Lord in everything you do, and your plans WILL succeed."- proverbs 16:3 -

hope to see u all soon!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

LOUD! 09

Hello people! :)

Throughout July, we'll be meeting as a Zone to prepare all of us for LOUD! It's happening on the 26 July 2009 (Sunday) from 5pm till 9pm. I am pretty sure most of you have came for at least one eh? :) But I assure you, it's gonna be LOUDER and even more different this year. This is a golden opportunity not to be missed! ;) There will be our very own XYZ worship band- Project Gsus and dance time- Real Ink Crew. There's gonna be games, food, indie bands, hair spray and tatoo booths and not forgetting a special guest artist!

What's LOUD without your friends right?! ;P So people, it's time to come out of your comfort zone and go all out inviting your friends! Here are six simple ways to invite your friends. As taught during Zone Congregation yesterday, it's very simple.

Just remember PLEIKS.

Step 1: PRAY
Before you do anything else, pray and commit everything to God because we know that He listens to our prayers. Don't just pray in general, for example, Dear God, I pray for ALL of my friends, I pray that ALL of them will come for LOUD. Amen. Pray specifically!! List out the name of your friends whom you want to invite and commit them to the Lord! :)

Step 2: LIST (Make a List)
List down the name of your friends and stick it on your mirror, your Bible, in between your textbooks, on your calculator, in your toilet (when you have nothing to do when you pangsai, PRAY FOR THEM!). Continue to pray for them!

Step 3: ENTICE
Entice and excite your friends with the awesome LOUD! invitation cards and the *click* promotional video. You can look for it on YouTube under XYZevents. By the way, the*click* 2nd LOUD! Teaser is already out! It's a shorter version of the first one. :P

Step 4: INVITE
Tell your friends about LOUD! Inform them about the details (eg. when, where, what time, what's happening). Be sure to know about the details and get them excited woohoo! Go up personaly to them and invite them! =D


Now that your friends know about LOUD, you can slip it in your conversations occassionally.

The final step. As LOUD draws nearer, seal the deal with your friends whom you have invited. Be willing to go the extra mile if there is anything preventing them from coming. (eg. If they don't have transport, offer to pick them up. Don't let them take the public transports and stuff like that.)

Six very simple ways to invite your friends for LOUD! Let's all put it into practice okies? :P

Till the next update!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Blog Is Dead

What's been up, everyone? How's journalling? How's school? How's exams? How's holidays? How's work? Pretty sure all of you have lots to do cause I haven't seen you guys for a long time. I think I forgot how you all look like too.

Anyway, we started on this series called Attitude Check last week for CG. And it will be CG this week again! :) Don't you just love having cell group? I DO! :) Attitude check is something about self discovering. Well, at least for me. I think it's gonna be fun for all of us as you discover yourself bit by bit. :)

Do come for CG this week, 2pm and Room 115. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Have a great day at school (i have no 10th period today and I'm so happy. I get to come home earlier than usual!) and take care! :)

God bless you all banyak-banyak.

Till my next post! ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

As you all know~
Friendship connection Saturday is cming ~
Its on the 11th of April~
Please do invite all your friends =)
More details will be posted up later xD

For now~~

see anyone u know? LOL

Anyone up for C2age?
It stands for Comics /Cosplay /Anime / Games exhibition !!

here are the details =D

Date : 16th May 2009

Venue: HELP University College Main Block

Time : 11am - 6pm

Ticket Pricing:
Individual - RM10 [ for early buyers]
RM15 [ on the spot ]
Group of 15 - RM 8 per person

C2AGE schedule, subject to change!

11.00am ~ 11.15pm – Opening speech by Mr Danesh [ director of HMC HELP University College]

11.15pm ~ 12.00pm – Cosplay catwalk/Cosplay Performance

12.00pm ~ 3.00pm – Break*

3.00pm ~ 3.45pm – Cosplay performance and Anime opening/ending song questionnaire

3.45pm ~ 5.00pm - Cosplay/Anime chess

5.00pm ~ 6.00pm – Closing ceremony

Booth prices are listed as RM30 for a 5feet x 1.3feet booth section.


FOr more info pls click here

Anyone going please tell me =D

then we can together gather go =D LOL!!!

since this blog is only for things related bout CG ~
Don't cha think that we should pray for this ex-members so that it will b a success? xD
(damm~ i'm good with cming up with reasons)
hahaha xD

stylish don't cha think? xD


pictures are from jenn's blog ~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh ~~ and Ivan is leaving the Cg D:
its not like he wants to ~~ but yeah....

I have no idea how to say it all~~ so leave it to Allan or someone =D

I suck with word xD



Another unexpected talk on "SEX" by pt. Victor =D and not forgetting pt. Kelly =)
This time its bout pre - marital sex ~~
Why people do pre - marital sex and all ~~ bla bla bla =D

It was really funny xD
He asked all the male cell leaders to stand and go on stage to do this really
really weird dance xD
I took pictures =D but lazy wan to post now
cause using bro's comp -.-'
Comp broke down that lo -.-'

Anyway~~ alot and I mean ALOT parents came~~
the whole hall was crowded =D
and still it was fun ~ =D

but anyway~~ People do pre- marital sex is due to alot of reasons
such as ~~ for money ~ too sexcited and etc etc ~~

Pt.Victor showed us a indon movie call "Virgin"
the story go check it out ~~ google it xD
We only got to see a little bit of the starting ..
but i can tell its a good story =D
though i can see its low on budget xD

but yeah ~~ go check it out =D
and and and..
idk =X ask some1 else to update on on on..what are the things that he gave on the paper..
i never bring pen so never write xD


Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Sunshine!

DSC09211This was your last day with us before we sent you guys off. You all have been the awesomest people I’ve ever met.

College life has started for most of you and I pray that you guys will continue to be the salt and light among your friends. Shine and influence them, that they may see the True and Living God who lives in YOU! :)

DSC09213Cue: AWWWWWW *sobs*

Dear Andrew, Po Chee, John, Christine, Jenn and Ben,

ALL THE BEST IN YOUR FUTURE. Continue to grow in the Lord yea? (:

Glow, Grow and Go for Jesus!

*BIIIIIG bear hugs*

Congratulations. You have officially moved on to your new cell group.

KTHXBAI! Don’t forget us! ;)

Hah! I know you all are sobbing now. Cause you miss us so much ;P

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hi... more updates to the outing... need your reply quick, or else i make executive decision then none of u can argue liao.... AHAHAhA otherwise very difficult to plan...

the pricing...

for sky trex rm 35 per person for the whole thing... there are three tracks as far as i know... not sure if can do all three... but i think one is good enough... if u can survive the whole thing dat is... LOL... besdies that... there is also archery, fishing, swimming cycling and a four season house in Tmn Pertanian... so i feel this is prolly a good place lo... HAHA... entrance fee rm 3...

For Go karting... it is also rm 35... for 10 minutes... plus rm 50 deposit... if got damage, then rm 50 gone... i also feel this is a good choice, but only thing is expensive a bit lo... so u see la...

let me noe quick!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hi Peeeeeeeeps!! :)

As most of you know that we'll be having a CG outing this coming Sunday, on the 8th March, you have a choice of choosing either one of the below (I think? Correct me if I'm wrong, Al).

Now there you go...*cheng chenggggg* The two choices are....*drum rolls*

*I feeel gooooood. We'll be right back!*

The two choices are:-
  • Sky trekking and more little flying fox, riding bicycle(??)
  • Go-karting
Both of theses activities are in Shah Alam. Both are outdoors. Go figure the pros and cons yourself la. I not so free. I have to study.

Anyways, why Sunday, some of you may ask.

Just so you know, CHS has replacement class for Hari Raya on Saturday, which I think the Maxwell-ians has too, just that they are not informed, yet. Don't be too happy. >P So yes, Sunday it is. We want everybody who can make it to come and join the fun. After all, it's a CG Outing, no? :)

Understandings? Now, YOU HAVE A TASK TO COMPLETE.

  1. Pick up your phone.
  2. Text Allan which activity you prefer best. PICK EITHER ONE -.-!
More details on the outing will come...


..when everything's finalised. So yes, PLEASE DO TEXT HIM to make his life easier. Don't make him come after you. :)

or you shall be like this girl, stuck in the middle of no where. wahahaha. SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE FUN!